a few days, with no further disturbances. Bougie has re-
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be incised, the blade simply makes a shallow cautery line,
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five years or so, a mass of facts has been steadily accu-
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is now warm. The patient now complains of pain in the inner side of the
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William F. Lewis, major and surgeon. Vols., from the Division
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brought by the former to recover $10,000 damages for the al-
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that he may reap the personal benefit of the early diag-
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been benefited if the pressure had been removed. The
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offense was that he simply told the truth and did not •
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twenty days is common practice in hematuria, having its
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intended as an introduction to the study of Human Physiology, and as a guide
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mentum arcuatum externum of the diaphragm. Through this,
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As an inunction. Shoemaker states that the efficacy of the
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by copper and bismuth have a certain negative value, that is.
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In the mesoderm differentiation attains its highest max-
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weeks, would usually open the nose quickly,, and this
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the reports made by the Chinese directly to the offices of the
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get along with the necessary occasional sacrifice of the
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There are six or eight species of the actaea in this country, and three
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studied and applied by several of the most noted physicians of
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secure a conviction; and if, taking the evidence all together,
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Gray, in Ucd. Xews, states that the treatment of this disease
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cases have occurred, making a total of 40 in this locality.
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bility is that both are injurious. The legislation in regard to
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21B a revulsive luensurt' in casou of nalpingitis or perimetritis.
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respect if he had lost his beard, which his religion obliged him to hold
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Premising so much, I turn to observations made first
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logical anatomy and histology — both deal with problems
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The husband is well after twenty or more years, and has mar-
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or other form of bleeding for therapeutic purposes, or
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several organs showed itself with violence during the paroxysm. The
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fection, while the microbes which form the toxins are generally
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At a recent meeting of the board, the Rev. Ashbel Green, D. D., L. L. D.,
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Surgeon P. Leach, detached from the Oregon, and to the
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secretary of the Six Companies, accompanied a member of
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doing all the good that the Alexander operation or abdominal
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an inch of the trachea exposed. These little vessels, which bled freely,
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heap, emptied the contents, and covered them with sand and gravel about a
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suggests the term "hepatic dystrypsia," and for pancreatic