paper that Dr. Keeley's name is not mentioned. The cases
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takes place into its cavity, but in simple erysipelas it is never purulent.
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to the phenomena observed when muscles are poisoned by
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began to flow very copiously. On testing the saliva with strong HNO,,
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We may say, therefore, that uremia is not at all svnonymous with
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into the neck. These were easily broken and the apex drawn
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direct result of the toxemias, which also cause toxic neuralgias, and
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passed into coma, but recourse to the cold bath was the only thing
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in America and England grow and prosper in a manner far
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the arterial system was empty. No blood clots were found
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there is a perfect adjustment between the centrifugal pressure of the
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that the managers were in great difficulty in consequence of the large
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observed in elderly persons. No associated symptoms have been
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fever-breeding slums in the city, and mapped out two areas in and
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ually to diminish toward the end of intra-uterine life, but even then
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Berry, and Arnold-Evans. Secretary: Hermann Bronner.
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the General Hospital under the care of Dr. Simon, with whom I saw her.
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was in principle most unsatisfactory. Mr. Fowler proceeded to say that
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spinal cord, such as in amyotrophic spinal paralysis, which we have
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was proud to be raised now to the position of the Branch Pre-
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over the great majority of vertebrates. So, imlike the typhoid fever
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advice. Only in some of the special departments, and chiefly
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Edgcuinbe with full Masonic honours. The building htands
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statement numbering only nine. Other writers on diseases of the stom-
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is caused by its own specific germ and by no other.
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A few years ago I was asked by a gentleman to prescribe for his
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process of severe general poisoning. The rigors on that account vary,
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the floor by bending its knees without bending its back should lead
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ment provided by far the most wonderful part of the show.
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o!\co vM a liuill which if folt in its proper place is almost pathognomonic
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Mr. Couper Crlpps [SessUe epithelioma rightl Suprapubic (June,
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paired, but their range of movement was much limited bythe contracture
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1 .';iiv i , aiul form long strings wound round weeds
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• '^* J . I,, j I,,. IiImimI From clinical facts we must conclude that
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Squint resulting from paralysis of one or more of the ocular muscles
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kept secret by the Lord Advocate. I am rather inclined to
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by conditions existing not only in the blood-vessels proper, but in