Dr. Suckling considered that descending sclerosis of the
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produces a fall in tlie number of leucocytes and a fall also in
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is, we venture to think, a matter for the careful consideration
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Dr. Leith Napier, in moving: "That it is desirable that
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interest.— J. W. Batterham, E. C. Hawakd Van Buren, Honorary Secre-
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fascise of the fingers, over the ulna;, on the backs and palms of
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and it would he better to restrict it to its original meaning,
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August Jrl eeti»g.— I)v. Gheex showed a Larynx affected with
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which separation of the neck of the femur had occurred, with
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teaspoonful of this preparation being stated to be present in
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The 350 deaths referred to diseases of the respiratory organs in London
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cost in the year 600. Passing over to England, where the
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ficient concentration. But this was just the point at issue. If
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and 200, or 0.07 per cent., liad died, small-pox, and 274, or 4 s per cent ,
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1 Hydatid Disease^ page 13. Edinburgh : Y'oung J. Pentland.
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more sensitive to injury, but it is probable that the difference
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The dura mater on the upper surface of the brain was thick-
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attacks to propagate their kind by diti'usiiig infection. But
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jj'.r a''''* ' I^FFBCTS oif'''FflGH J^LTrTttDES ON PhthisIs.
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They are alike in their independence of soil, water infection,
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Secretary and General Superintendent, by March .Slst.
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within a few minutes. Whereas, if the phosphorus is present
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Secretary, 6, Mansfield Street, Cavendish Square, W.
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Sir E. Clarke then addressed the jury lor the defendants, again stating
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backache in the lumbar region. The headache and diarrhrea lasted two
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the intramural and submucous tumours the mucous mem-
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bladder, producing temporary atony of its muscular coat.
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good thing fi)r the man and for those who do not wish to see
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'^'Tp^^-f^l tl'.e,va,Iue of tjie.tfeatment, and a^.s^on, as. proper ar!-
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and Queries on Anthropology,'^ reviewed a few months ago in
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subdivided on two principles : first, according to their form ;
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tion, took to himself, as a citizen as well as a student of
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respect to these leucolytic agents is that they are all lympha-
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Hospital Medical School, 4.30 P.M.— Papers by Mr. Eich-
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been 2u.8 and 19 6 per 1,000 in the preceding two weeks, rose again
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over the nose, the air bag supplies a ready and certain
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great openness of mind is stiffened by a great intellect, yet
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fied in looking upon the parasite as an animal cell, or, per-
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Cobbespondents not answered are requested to look to the Notices to
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tightly towards the tumour in order to avoid the formation of
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1 Tratado, nuevamente impresso, de todas las enfermedades de los
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ward above it, being bounded above by the liver, below by
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.preserved, but also of the circumstance tliat, under patholo-
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general loss of nutrition, there is mar.ied increase of strength
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Percy Smith : Moral Insanity. Hospital for Diseasesof the
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