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irregularly jerking, superficial noise, heard more particularly in
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There is no doubt that some such method would have excellent results in
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profuse and very fluid in all these conditions, and, besides, is rich in mor-
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green iodide of mercury. It was, therefore, stopped on May 16th, and
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The practical outcome of these consideration is that
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thoracic duct, producing a stasis of the chyle, which extends not only to the lymph-
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and greater number of cures following operation for cancer in these
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negative, results. About one-third of the skin of the
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maximum in a few days, and terminates in from fourteen to sixteen
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Resolved, That we place upon record our appreciation
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days ; with the cessation of jaundice and returning appe-
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sense that glycosuria is — a sort of metonymy, by which a certain effect
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nauseants, and applying a liniment made of lime-water
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mon consent.^ Influenced by the aspect of a majority of its
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Delirium 'does not come on, in general, till towards the end of the
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I SHOULD like to place on record the history of the fol-
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war as to the advisabilitv of the movement and its results will continue.
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then ligated, and the peritoneal cut edges so carefully sutured that no
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In many instances Diabetes Insipidus does not interfere with
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quite conceivable that recovery may take place from this early stage ;
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such time as healing of any lesion of the peritoneum can take
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fingers, thumb, and wrist. Almost simultaneously with the thumb
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be cleared of it's Pericranium, lest in setting on the Terebra, or
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sufTicient to give rise to congestion and stasis, and to interfere materially
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paralj^sis of the larj'nx. They suffer indescribable pains
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affections, by their topographic distribution in the
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olceratioD ; or, lastly, extensive tracts from which the macons ooat has
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pressure is entirely above the level of the hip joint, the
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Thorax. — Heart and pericardium normal. Right lung united to thoracic walls by
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of the spinal column, and at the level of the tenth dorsal vertebra. The