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been absoUitely well; there has been no return of the skin eruption nor of bleeding
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usually, thoroughly evacuate the stomach and also produce one or
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abhorred of late years by those who forget the infinitely great in the
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experimental work that seems to go far toward disproving the identity
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presence. My friend Mr. Walter Lewis, of Crewe, mentions
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on the evening of March 20th. It was decided to have
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kept at a temperature of 30° C), and at the end of that time
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ies must be very rare, the patient succumbing to exhaustion from hectic
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which can hardly escape detection. An analysis of the tissues might be
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as in any other case of cerebral disease, such as an intracranial tumour ;
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matter may suffice to render infectious a very large quantity of liqui<l,
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origin, though, owing to the surroundings, I could not obtain the
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large part of the value of these drugs may be due to the base, as
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calculus, renal derangement, or other assignable cause
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filtrates were tested with sulphosalicylic acid for uncoagulated protein.
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we be familiar with histology ; in order that we may be
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that the smell was very offensive, and diffused into the yard beyond,
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Fig. 10, — From the thigh, showing hvpertrophv of the epidermis, and at n collections
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cise manner the diagnosis and treatment of sursrical
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as an interne, but for a fixed and brief period only ; after that
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■without administering internal medicine, the difficulty
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absence of fever as denoted by the pulse and temperature. Cerebral symp-
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ning flash during a progress of 8 or 10 miles. Even
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[Imniediately after milking contained 500 bacteria per cubic centimeter.]
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sions. {Lesion is the most indefinite of terms. When I
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but carbolic acid gave the most gratifying results. The combination
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sudden mental emotion. In many cases of epilepsy no other excitant is
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condition is usually caused by mucopurulent secretions from
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pilot he may be passed in class C when there is a reasonable doubt,
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efits up to $30 a week on a uniform national basis; and