nations as may admit of proof, we take refuge in that asylum

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parts. I did not examine it, but probably it was the head. I con-

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the development of our knowledge on this point. It is not difficult to

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buried on the field, their graves being marked, in most cases, by

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allowed to encroach on physical duties ; but when a

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losis of the kidney are more favourable for intervention than the secondary

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systems is taken up in detail. As scientific medicine advances, diseases

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is in any case less free than is that of the nephros-

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far more destructive than cholera itself. The sanitary im-

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history of a case is lai^ly a matter of personal equation. That

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died five days later. The autopsy showed midtiple amebic ab-

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The Responsibility of the Physician in the Management of

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faultless progress of the operation on one eye induced him forthwith to extract

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greater vigour of systole, there is no difficulty in understanding how

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study. During the year ending June 30, 1910, this disease was the

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service. Customers have taken advantage of trustee services,

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himself in his " Treatise on* Neurotic Diseases of the

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by intravenous injections of Staphylococcus pyogenes,

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found in the dead body, is untrue. Its detection in the body, properly veri-

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head over the frontal bone ; the hemorrhage lasted for

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made .slowly, gradually, once only, and up to a ix>iut just short of giving pain.

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The state of the mind in those attacked has great influence^

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scant scaling, the special tendency to involve the hands and

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not come from the bottom but the edges of the hoof. In

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It consisted of numerous red points, but was paler than that of ordinary

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effect of acid dejections, will be quickly relieved by bathing the outer parts with

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found their prophesies always fulfilled, will not be

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have had any influence iu producing this condition, a great-

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a lowering of the diaphragm, a movement of the liver, etc. etc.,

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