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circles to which these belong is then parallel to that of the coats of the uterus;
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fibres of the spinal cord may be simultaneously called into play with
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rious, and the same may be said of those who to abstemiousness of habits and a
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was restored to its proper level, and a portion which was loose removed.
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decks. The means employed as described, consisted in three or
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the medical testimony may be founded on the character of a cicatrix. The sub-
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ease : nor, in the small space allotted to our subject, would it be
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sound on percussion was dull over a large surface of the heart.
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tendency. As malarial diseases are dominant in southern Europe, so the
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of lead in the course of their usual avocations, and of those also who had swal-
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similar organic process to that by which like residua are
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disease, sooner or later have recurrence of the paroxysms. They are apt,
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use of it. He gives two processes for separating antimony from
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able taste had disappeared; but the vomiting and headache persisted, having
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tive as in Great Britain. In Iceland, on the other hand, it is
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made from pyrites instead of Sicilian sulphur. Devergie seems doubtful
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is the sulphate of copper. A crystal of this article, presenting a smooth
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the evolution of the external organs of generation and of the mammee rendered
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removal of those muscles which oppose the free elevation of the tip of the
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patients coming from their quarters hourly, and the uncertainty of trusting
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heat of skin, that it was thought prudent to stop the stimulants. This
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companions roaring into his ear, when he instantly felt something sfive way in
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by Dr. Dickinson to chronic poisoning by lead. Lastly, a very
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translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage the
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North American continent. The facts connected with climatology, established
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grains may be sufficient, but adduces no cases. Christison mentions four and
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thews Duncan, A.M., M.D., &c.. Physician for Diseases of
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those of Dr. Sanders, and they show besides that haemorrhage more
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spinal cord. liittle is known of any chances of recovery
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ally, being quite innocent of the fact that she is so dis-
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time we considered the causes whereby this chemical solution of
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stated intervals, and perhaps treatment directed to the
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cases there was not evidence to show how the disease arose.
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5. On the Functions of the Jlnterior and Posterior columns of the Spinal Cord.
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relatively by the granular portion of the contents of the mem-
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or removed by fans, even though no outside, air be ad-
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num," says M. C. "presented a circular opening, through which the heart had
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Dr. Hitzig declares that amon^ numerous cases of disease of the