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arteries of the base (basal meningitis) or the arteries of the convexity ;

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$25 each ; and to the third (single men without dependants), $10 each.

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points where they had been applied. These all finally closed,

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condition is frequently met with in those who simply

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In regard to its distribution, the edema shows the same character

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Phosphorus-coxtent of thls water-ixsoluble pseudo-globulix.

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and general constitutional disturbance is not a simple,

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In Europe no such disease as spasmodic cholera had been known ;

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nephritis. Hence Bamberger's experience leads him to the belief "that the

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fifty-two years, a man of medium build. He had con-

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An apprentice is wanted at this office to learn the

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Some children are peculiarly wayward and perverse, and fall

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