The report of the Committee on Drug-Proving gave evidence


the wound, the adjoining regions, the abdomen, the neck.

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To have normal respiration we must have the air enter the lungs in as normal

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University Medical School, having been the three institutions of

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of the trustees of the asylum. She testified as insanity

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pensary and Hospital. He entered upon his new duties in April, 1870.

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ham proceeded to Europe, where he took post-graduate courses, and

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ures, all such disorders will progress to their end, whatever that

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is so easily infected. In posterior osseous lesions the neck

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before the Brooklyn College of I'ii.irmacy have covered

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vue Hospital. He still holds this position. In 1877 he

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tal, which furnished him all the material that was desired

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The answer to your first question, though long, would be very

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City, where the field was extensive and abundant oppor-

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does not destroy the vitality of disease germs, or the infecting power of

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and was for a time United States vice-consul in Geneva, Switzerland. He was one

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the benefit of every known rational means for recovery.

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matter being emphatically pointed out. Among therapeutic

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the Eye," New York, 1875; "Clinical Contributions to Ophthalmol-

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Throughout the operation, the anaesthesia was apparently

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with Lawson Tait as a pupil assistant, also spent some

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in a paper l recently contributed to a French medical magazine

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to get rid of a persistent insomnia, brought on by over-

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photographs, showing the condition of the limb at the time of

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treatment are numerous, but their results have not been

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forthcoming, quite sufficient evidence of the presence among us

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administered by him, since, when he learned from Samuel

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of a man of fortune, who drank wine freely, awoke and found that

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developing during the course of Infantile Eczema," conjointly with

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compact tissue. Their lesions show on the body of the

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represented by a kind of glazed bone-dust, resulting from

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itable to other parts, thus furnishing distinctive proof that the

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she informed me that pin-worms aggravated all of her symp-

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of Christopher and Frances (Ebler) Haupt, who were both natives of

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