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on the left side being two inches, and the right side three inches too
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examinations for promotions to the grade of passed assistant
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organs; this is the only class where our mortuary record is not less than
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cocci, three isolated from the blood of rheumatics and two from the
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auf die Zellteilung <Deutsche med. Wchnschr., Leipz., v. 30 (17), 21. Apr.,
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whose liberality the building has been erected on the
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Assistant Attending Surgeon, Manhattan Eye, Ear and
and hence probably her extreme susceptibility to its influence.
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affairs with the recommendation that the slaughter-houses
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These and other representations made to the board resulted in the
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stricture of (he rectum until examined Ijy Dr. Thomas about twelve months
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The next great contribution came from this country, where, in 1833,
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sense of economy leads them to contract for cheap plumbing
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should be used when we know the exact nature of the poison;
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of the Association. The library of the Association, although the collec-
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way I would boil 2 lbs. of dried apples and add the juice to
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these operations, where they are done for the purpose of feeding the
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The family history is satisfactory ; l»is father and mother
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fluids used. They volunteered the information, however,
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August, and in the early fall. The first moult occurs
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glands. Pressing circumstances necessitated the speedy removal of the indu-
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of the Illinois Legislature on February 2d : A Bill
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dence has been brought forward to prove that dermoid cysts may
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1910. Schwenk, Peter N. K., M.A., M.D., Attending Surgeon
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England. In 1820 were put forth the first efforts to create a really
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preparations (i. e., salivation), Hepar sulph. and Hydrastis are
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fish, and, also, because I find that one writer has mentioned
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rapidly improved, so that the severity of the illness was much
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Sect. 4. No medical expert witness shall be admitted to
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sonable workload. Enticing locum tenens assignments
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contagious diseases, including the milk supplies of cities, boroughs, and villages,
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