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to an irritable condition of the throat and bronchial tubes ; and
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throat characterized by large and sore tonsils, with white solid
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April 8th. Passed Oij. urine, Sp. Gr. 1012, containing
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direction, with much straining of the sterno-mastoids and other
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may be given. Purgatives, such as castor oil, are useful to free
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The physiognomy should be closely observed, as much may
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iris indications are prominent — it is a most satisfactory remedy.
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wrongs of the reproductive organs of both men and women;
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traction of a phthisical cavity, or condensation of lung tissue
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ally, its action is gratifying. In the treatment of sciatica a place
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prompt remedies for summer diarrhea with irritation of the
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Perversion of sympathetic innervation is shown by irreg-
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of 2 per cent, nutrient agar has been added in order to produce
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Sandalwood is employed as a stimulant to the urinary ap-
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the menses are too late and dark, especially when accompanied
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son or other cause of disease, which may be neutralized, antag-
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Dose. — Fluid extract, 1 to 3 drops ; specific medicine, 1-10 to
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tion. Urine high colored, coat dry, ears and legs cold. On
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The culture tubes in the anaerobic jars should not be disturbed
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cases of prolonged suppuration, such as pulmonary phthisis, fistu-
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with an irregular red mottling. If the inflammation is severe,
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cidedly effective. In these cases minute doses — a fraction of a
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ing, there was a gradual debility. Finally, on the 15th
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on the location of the affection, and not upon the size of
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