of this period, which has been studied very carefully by us. and which,
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From a prognostic point of view the matter is certainly
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supervised or directed by the physician. A [¬Ľatient who
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At least sixty questions by each examiner in his depart-
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in front was much smaller than that situated behind, and its edges were
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A small amount of the antitoxic blood, mixed with a toxic serum, preserved
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sideration that genuine parasitic reactions, as mentioned above,
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patients, are cheating those confiding in them, not
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only. Sheep's serum-agar proved an excellent culture medium, pro-
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administration of vegetable astringents and suppositories
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indications of cocaine in ophthalmic practice. Omaha
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Nephritis, if severe, must always be considered a serious indication,
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bracing its Physiological History, together with a System of Prin-
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cut, the ball slipped in under, and almost nothing to
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animal. The figtires in parentheses are calculated on the actual weight and
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times comparatively mild states of automatism alone are
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of all these patients were about the same. They are of
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tion and entering the substance of the kidney at the inferior apex.
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more or less severe anemia. As a rule, the aestivo-autumnal infec-
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to nine drops three times a day. At first there was gen-
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vesications under antiseptic precautions and douching of the parts
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A Manual and Atlas op Orthopedic Surgery. By Dr. James K.
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tion, at first mucous, later muco-purulent in character,
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Medical Towers Bldg., Suite 260 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
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all,) by accomplishing the second end at the expense of the blood's
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Havana are getting uneasy over the work of the sani-
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tendency to inflammation of the urinary organs, formation of bed-sores,
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mal desaturations (less than or equal to 4%), is not
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success " ; in the statement of our claiming "the discovery of an
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hours previously have been employed as antigens, but the growth as a
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transition from partial to complete block that the so-called
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usually comes on suddenly at night, after dyspeptic
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cates the action of the Commissioners of Charities and Cor-
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the electrical current is due to the displacement of the ions in the
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will then detect the "stumps"; these, however, should be studied
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C. Haddon Soden, D.O., M.Sc, Professor and Head of the Department
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no binocular divergence could be produced. The second
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ing sickness is frequent, the breasts enlarge and are tender. The cervix
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wealth, and he greatly desires to do all he possibly can for