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Society, Feb. 6, 1838. By James McNaughton, M. D., President of the

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32. 8alkow8kl: Ber. d. Deutath. Chem. Oes., Bd. 9, 8. 719:

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looking around for the advances of obstetrics in the

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Every leper who desires to become a member must pay

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the Secretary of the Treasury, for the purpose of ascertaining

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Hospital having given $300,000 for the erection of a nurses'

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(With a motto.) 2 vols., pp. 562 and 620. Philadelphia, 1838.

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afford to risk professional reputation by reporting upon them

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other, which were deemed miraculous by the votaries of quackery, and

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in a state of complete insensibility, and did not seem to be at all conscious

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on suspicion of carcinoma. It makes greater demands on the

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No. 2. — Will be reported in a subsequent number of the "Intelligencer."

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to fear that the disease had reached the bone, and that some part of it was

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cervix ; the prepuce is unfolded, forming a loop of thin

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posterior part of the orbital plate of the frontal bone) the substance of the

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shaved off, which last process must be repeated twice every week during

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the fifth lumbar segment, according to Starr's classifica-

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the wound to the neck," ascribed by Dr. Craigie to the forceps' blade, there

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clonidine is used for

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where the whole length of the perinaeum has been torn through, the orifice

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2dly. As the disease does not always spread by continuity, and as it may

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set of all circulars, blanks, health diagrams, photographs, etc.,

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matter forms, which will sometimes discharge itself at once. Generally,

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observed to be manifest through the progress of typhus fever, and inany