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Figure 2— Selective injection of the right coronary artery in the

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to the soil, several circumstances are very worthy of attention.

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upper lohes^ and the process of absorption has been imperfect,

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tuberculosis, and less frequently an ingestion tuberculosis. In the cow,

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The schools of New York and Philadelphia have again

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Committee, for its Card of Queries is much beyond that of

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Of course, the sooner we commence from the onset of the dis-

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According to Boston health statistics, there were 1,033

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given in pill-form, coated with kreatin, in order that it may pass through the

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doses, and the liquid extract of grindelia. Of the former one grain may

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mation concerning new remedies, without in any sense

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ed with rheumatism for four weeks before his admission. The

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latter symptoms indicate danger, showing that the bowels are

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distances apart has furnished some interesting data.

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grenade, bomb) or by slowly moving missiles, such as shrapnel

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lower extremity; and whether a similar operation be required

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concussion, there is peril at first from the prostration, and after-

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amount of fatty material. With very little practice

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little blemish will remain when they are brought together nicely.

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severe cases must be treated on the same ) innoininata, or the subclavian, in any of its

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preparations. In conclusion the learned Professor referred

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Coming Nearer Home. — We are told by students of political economy

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and excrementitious^ and that the grosser, carbonaceous, saline, bit-

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the ancient affliction of hernia is still a very live sub-

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held by the profession; and I think it not out ot place for me to

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E., 400; recent progress in thoracic disease, Sears, G. G., and Bartol,

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ether" is obtained by purification, and is sold in drams at the shops,

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just above a valve, pulling out the skin in insertiag the pin

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fat-globules. The nerve-bundle constituting the crural nerve had

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and Herpes, and are then to be treated with soothing un-

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to the organism unless they are rectified in some way