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remedial measure used was Artificial Respiration. During three
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similar operation on the two other scars (on the right side) wa& required later. Skiagram
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bay berries, of each 1\ oz., prepared sagapenum, J oz.,
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The inconstancy in the behavior of the kidney toward ingested salts is
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evident to me that the calculi remained in the gall-bladder, and that
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Tincture of Orris. — Bruised orris-root, 7 lbs., rectified
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ported by the women as barriers to their seeking care.
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curred on Sunday of the present week. There had been preceding albu-
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Purples — 2 were colored with a mixture of Prussian blue and (prob-
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treatment. This is particularly important in the case of cho-
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massage is often beneficial in chronic catarrhal deafness through
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universal valve movements is used in the class room. Care-
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In the first stage of membranous croup, the symptoms
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surgeons; and with good reason too, for the comfort of the patient, and still
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be due either to the Hver or to the congested duodenum ; there is
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resulted in stenosis. (Edema of the glottis occurs, as was found in 2 of this
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cases of this kind do badly, worse even than when perforation
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of the leg, and the scapular and pectoral muscles were contracted
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with the addition of so much size and length, the issue
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studies of them are included in this series. The cut surfaces of the
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cold. In this as well as in the previous communication Praenkel directs
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The code describes the particulars of the hearing process. It is the intent of the code to provide a
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my opinion at the time of the operation that the case
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not occur. Its absence is generally regarded as more typical than its
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which prevent bacterial development to any dangerous de-
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quarreled over the management of F.’s asthma, the
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after the first operation, vision with this eye without glasses Avas f (three
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Peculiar pustulous or carbunculous centers are frequently to be met
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surgical treatment. The latter is also necessary, on or before
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free copy of "Fellowships in Medicine,' 1 '' write to: SK&F Services
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frequently quoted experiments of Oilier by more tlian twenty
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skull x-ray, and radionuclide brain scan were normal. A
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cost $478,598.22, of which the Province paid $123,229.30.
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According to Fischer,^^ every case of pure hypertension shows a
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is of little value in the recognition of jaundice when direct inspec-