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they found parasites in the cerebrospinal fluid, adopting Quincke's

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Therapeutique,' 1864, p. 73. See also < Pharm. Jour.' 1863, p. 501.) The

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in Hong Kong, for instance, and, although coolies are often bitten, a

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small intestinal ulceration. Occult blood and excess of undigested food

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exert their so-called curative effects in one or the other of these two ways.

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ing, however exaggerated, with the utmost credulity.

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Physiology of Digestion. By William Beaumont, M. D.

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Case 2. A. L. ; residence, Randolph, Dodge Co., Wis., but this patient

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bromides ought as a rule to be employed, which I did for a time, until

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gular ligament (cut), i. Biceps and semi-tendinosus. j. Adductor magnus. k.

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