At the meeting of November 17th, Mr. Moxhay presented a little

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There is a peculiar and distressing form of nervousness about which I

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what purpose intended, it is not easy to guess. Carbolic acid, laudanum,

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disease and dropsy holds a high place in the order of mortality ; for,

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their work. The annoyance and inconvenience, and loss in every way,

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Physician's Assistant and Resident Surgeon's Assistant, every si.x months

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vacant appointments should possess full information as to the reasons

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who had been attacked in that covert manner by Dr. Bell. \_Applause,

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which enables us to calculate what proportion the deaths of any district

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more rapid construction of tissue), we are not surprised to find that

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quent, and amiable terms in which he had discussed the question. He

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punishes people having infectious diseases for exposing them.selves in

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ordinary insanity, the cerebrum is affected through its nutrition-pro-

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and to show that it must be secured at any sacrifice, I quote the observ-

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The present war extends not only over a much longer period of time,

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of punishment has expired are not afterwards to be considered as crimi-

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ing the question of mortality in hospitals, arrived at the conclusion

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brought in by the Government. And, as has been well said by Mr.

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total of ;f335. — Miss Elizabeth Baker, of Alfred Street, Bedford Square,

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right in the ground, came into collision with the parts about the anus.

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health was very good. She had not menstruated for two years, but

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Dinner will be provided punctually at 5.30, at the Old Ship Hotel.

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wound, and this wdiere ligatures have been placed on all the vessels re-

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delivered to it such an address as that of Mr. Rawlinson. We hope

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The first general meeting of the Session (1870-1871) will be held at the

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*** The only course which we can suggest is to summon the person alluded to

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mena are become obtuse and dull; and death occurs usually through

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The main outlet for the scarlet fever poison is through the skin. The

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being guarded against in various ways, and in one most comical way,

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the distance, and the Meuse meandering through the valley yet more