wards as soon as the nature of the disease was apparent." At length,

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molecules, as a rule, decrease in percentage, but increase in

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Stage of EruiHion. — In variola, eruption appearing first on face and

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when the animal was under brain compression was seen to be

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the glia cells and the reticular glia structure. The protoplasm

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The special cause is destroyed by cold. It is a matter of common ob-

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the soft parts investing it ; beneath, an abundant mass of cellular

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mine whether stains on linen are caused by dried semen. The physical

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1 sagittal series through forebrain and na^al septum of kitten one day old, fixed

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difference, but the opinion of Todd is abundantlj^ disproved by clinical

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1902 The cranial nerves of Amblystoma tigrinimi. Jour. Comp.

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plasm and a bundle of fibrils, which occupy the medial side of

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death showed hypera^mia of the brain and lungs, the cavities of the heart,

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nation after death, in this case, revealed softening to diffluence of the cord

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is not usually severe, and it may be but slight. The pain produced by

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The " Flora Hibernica" is divided into three parts, the

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main differences are foimd in the larger percentage amounts of

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iliac tenderness is wanting. Tliis differential diagnosis is required chiefly

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correctly applied, the disease is neither more nor less than variola.

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as regards the period of the disease when the treatment was entered on,

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2. The events Avliich denote fever of some kind are to be sought after

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quantit}', and for a brief period, in the course of a great number of dis-

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an over-accumulation of blood within the cranium should destroy life by

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is of much value in the diagnosis of affections of the pancreas.