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after splenectomy in certain cases. (2) A decrease in the elimination
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the prognosis to some extent varies with the degree of the toxic symptoms;
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of saliva. In many cases it will relieve the muscular spasm
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otorrhoea, or canker of the ear, attacking dogs. A similar
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may diminish the levels or activity ot steroid hormones.
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In last year's report of the Treasurer, attention was called to
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is free from urethral or vaginal gonorrhoea. In this event the conjunctivitis
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to account for it, at least none that are discoverable
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slight chance of peritonitis. The wound is shut off
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' the cases which 1 have recorded. In one of my cases, in which
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stances, the congenital deviations and deformities referred to consan-
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periments upon dogs; of the cases of successful laparotomy
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inflammatory lymph, capable of organization into fibro-elastic tissae; whilst on the
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prone to err in withholding the operation than by recommending it too generally.
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of extension of the infection present themselves. In these cases the local
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variety of the affection of the kidneys in most instances. Casts, as their name
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