were cauterized and closed with tier sutures. There were five cases

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the x-rays have a specific destructive action on lymphoid tissues. He found

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Concussion of the brain is the condition present when we say a

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this operation requires all the wit and dexterity of the

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case of aneurisms of the ascending thoracic aorta and the innomi-

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Dr. Fox's class of cases not only do they relapse quickly, but treatment does

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October 9.— The patient kept up during last evening and

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cussion, many members joined. I shall only mention that Dr. Playfair

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innumerable shallow, irregular ulcers were seen, the surfaces of

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was afterwards found to be paralysed, the patient looked aggrieved

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use it with great moderation, and some discard its use altogether. We

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ticularly on the omentum and mesentery." This is the only

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especially of an excess of free unsaturated oleic acid. Goiter may

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were infiltrated with pus, which welled out when the

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that I have seen this motion, and never in any other situation.

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stant inclination to go to stool without a discharge, which is

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and forced movements of the anterior vaginal wall, for