years of cancer of the stomach. His only son died at about sixty
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The patient was catheterized once in twelve hours, in order to
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a shaken serum. I think it very probable that here again alterations
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In all classes of lumbago, especially of the chronic variety,
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ward us the requisite amount of the needful, $3,50. This is only
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or apply hot blankets as in "Inflammation of the Kidneys," and
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almost dry and friable. In the right middle cerebral artery a reddish
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married woman^ the mother of four children. The operation
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his method of operating on flat feet. He stated that he
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Moreover, this deposit takes place exactly in those positions
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Strychnin, caffein, and atropin are to be given hypodermic-
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to excess of intracranial tension, with a pressing backwards of the cerebro-
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are here inapplicable ; they still further fatigue and exhaust
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tory there, employing between 40 and 50 workmen, more than half
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the cause, the excretion of urobilin in the urine should be increased.
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remove the sphaeelated portion of intestine and, hy fasten-
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although there may be a little delirium tOAvards the end of the attack.
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has been known to cause dislocation of the jaw. Bilateral dislocation of
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power, a lessened current and reduced blood pressure ; hence it is
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Segur, Avery, 281 Henry St., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Founder.
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type of dysentery, euphemistically termed "colitis,"
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tractions and relaxations affecting a limited part of the bowel and running
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ings in its structure. The question of extirpating the
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that they have the itch is by no means diminished by the information
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conclusion I reached was, that rather more than one-third of the persons I
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ment of the visceral functions displayed themselves, and the patient
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tends to draw hordes of tramps and vagabonds to London needs
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destroying the latent foci of pure micro-organisms that
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his observations to the medical world, for the advancement of
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is not seen. Hysterical vomiting — anorexia nervosa — consists of a regur-
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128 Gummous Tumor in the Larynx in a Boy Six Years Old, Due
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found that although some of the muco-purulent expectoration
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Case Teaching in Medicine.— A series of graduated exercises in the
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imperfectly utilized by many members of our profession.
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syringeful is injected, the syringe is detached and filled, and
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provided with the address and telephone number of the
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consumptive stays in the house, the more certain and more speedy is his death.
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pulse 74, respiration 20; 12 M., temperature 101°, pulse 86, respiration 28; Or. m., tempera-
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DeaUi from an Over Dose of Medicine. — In these anti-mercuria] days,
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two-joint muscles, for each of the positions possible to the joints. Errors are
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books and papyrus rolls behind, hoping, no doubt, that they
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of gratitude for the valuable help afforded me by my assis-
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and the lesions in consequence healed. This assumption is based on the
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not so obvious, the patieuts come under treatment for the
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champion of the rights of the army medical officer. Many of the
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of its diameter just below the cricoid cartilage. No large
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tracing further its anatomical and pathological relations.