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Pelvet, among other forms, considers those of the walls, which are
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of the stomach. In the pericardial cavity in the higher animals,
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1861 at nearly 18,000 — ^between the beginning of July and the first
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with it, it must be borne in mind that several tissues of very
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to oxidize and care for the poisons. But before we go on
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paper (in the * American Journal of Medical Science,' January, 1862), giving the
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glands, called sebaceous glands, empty their secretion
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copying prescriptions would be ludicrous. A certain
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valves as the colunm of blood rushes from the heart into the great vessels.
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inclination of the trunk backwards, but becoming more and more
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service disabilities be limited to care for tubercu-
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nervous deafness, in which the sound of the tuning-fork is
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Address organizational problems to V. O. Foster. Execu-
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author advances his hypotheses^ the reliance he has in his conclu-
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and laborious; pulse 140; the aneurismal tumour had suddenly disappeared on
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perforate, the bladder was much and the ureters still more distended with
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times ; what the peculiar condition is that predisposes to such
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by Dr. Stenhouse ; it is more easily cleaned, it can be obtained in a
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ball. If the inner rectus muscles (the inside reins) be-
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disease, laryngeal spasm was found to disappear in five days on tbe
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such as to permit a hope that his recovery would be permanent. At this time,
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Infantile Paialysis, or Acute Poliomyelitis. — This
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what will replace the mother's milk better, far better, than any
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not only without any change in their constitution, but also
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great disorganization of the internal parts of the thigh, immediate amputa-
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One of the most interesting chapters in the volume before us
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days old, strong and florid, had a rounded tumour in the lumbar region,
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tricts; and in these, the quantity of malaria seems to be insufficient to
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reason, and to acknowledge that we have fallen from our high and palmy state,
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child's nervous system is comparatively greater than an
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four hours. A saline cathartic is usually helpful too. A
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information, both of a ertatistical and practical chai^cter, and