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that the diagnosis of a disease cannot often be based on pathognomonic

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DOSEk— One Teaspoonfui IN WATER, four times a day.

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It is invaluable as a work of diagnosis. — Virginia Medical Monthly.

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dently resulting from the hemorrhage from the ulcer in the throat.

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3^ears that the diagnosis has been placed on a correct basis, and the dis-

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heart point to the occurrence of a cardiac complication.

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and parenchymatous nephritis, but it does not suppress

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tion of the colon. By firm and continued pressure, also, the form of the

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is commonly known as yellow tubercle. This is an exudation which, in

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for another operation. As regards the quantity removed at one operation,

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type cases. Moreover, this method is inadequate to show the relative

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for part of the time that might otherwise have hung heavily on

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predisposition to the affection, and persons predisposed are apt to ex-

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The mortality from measles, smallpox, and varioloid is exhibited

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or four, and sometimes more of them. Until the vital powers of the

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at this period of the disease, is soft and easily removed. The amount of

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tried in three cases: at the end of three days, finding the

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case of a young female who manifests a morbid disposition to impose on

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ditions of health ; in other words, what morbid actions or processes con-

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and more material of direct practical value to the practising physician than is

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into the characteristic dejections of acute dysentery. It is an effect of ulcer-

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rapidly the anasarcaand serous effusions incases of mitral

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The admixture with pepsin has been introduced with advantage

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in the case just referred to, a considerable amount of h^^^ertroph}' may

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is abrupt, and the disease quickly declared. Pain is usually a marked

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and to defer measures for the relief of pain until the bowels have been

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npon. A full dose of opium administered by enema, or as a suppository,

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mal histology. Special importance attaches to ''the supe-

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