hand, extending it, grasping tools, or even by holding a pen, and so inter-
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shorter course than is common in true pneumonia, the (wmsoli-
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dependent upon a septic agency arising from the soil. Descriptions of
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have been fortunate in seeing it oftener and more specialized than they
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has been investigated by only two men, one of whom claims that it is
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ment is considered in detail under (1) manipulative, (2) mechanical, (3)
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there was paresis of the accommodation, which was still present in the
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which is a most important feature of a text-book. Probably
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He had several involuntary passages of urine and feces during
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Deaf-muteness, he thought, might be prevented at times by prophylactic
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accommodating so large a body, these fears were not
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jejunum, at least fifteen being present in this part of the
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matter how grave it is, which offers the highest percentage of
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8. Kocher : Fltha Billroth Handbucb der AUegemeln. Spec Cblr.
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The Executive Committee reported, through Dr. Rodman, The
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about 2 cm. from the free border of the ligament, and to the right of
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cause of X fever. In the discussion which followed some of
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the modem stethoscope. Most French physicians auscult
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involved are usually first those of the extremities, from which the process
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swelling, for the swelling is not impermeable to the rays. Suspected
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ular meeting of this Society will be held at Buffalo, N. Y.,
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inflammatory process which involves the whole cord. This lesion merits
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Dr. Carl Beck, of New York City, read a paper entitled "Congen-
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of the railroad and the banker's wife seek unquestioned
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consulted me in April, 1899, suffering from conjunc-
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under the various conditions set forth, 1 gram of dry, pulverized blood-
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symphyseotomies performed during the year 1895 at the Baudelocque clinic of
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thing in treating these diseases is to maintain thorough
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water and put in the refrigerator over night. In the morning
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discovered in Toronto last week. Dr. Sheard has requested
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disease, predis|>osed to by the j>erverted nutrition of the part, yet the
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down into the vagina and the peritoneal flaps are united. Drainage is not
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gency Hospital, May 18, 1895. Family history negative, with the
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in order that the existence of these may be admitted there must be indis-
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two diseases since the children of the class just named do not
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23 pounds) was present ; and as there was an absence of tumor or pain
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story, his generally improved condition, and the time
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metacarpals and the needle are much less distinct than in Plate V.,
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trations. A little study of the illustrations reveals the fact that most
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duct, where it divides into two branches, one of which runs upward
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Pericardium under the sole authorship of J. T. Whi taker. We have in
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a precarious position, which has become more so since
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5, Mackenrodt discusses the influence which suspension of the uterus has
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One sees a bloodvessel enter a hemorrhagic focus, where it seems to
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