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contracts them. Moderate heat relieves pain by relaxing
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staphylococcus, the pneumococcus, the typhoid bacillus, the colon bacillus
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the co-efficient varies from 77 to 82 per cent, at the height of the attack. It
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same time and to be of equal intensity. The muscle fibers may be affected
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meteorological influences. His conclusions are as follows:
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cause of death in 20 per cent, of the fatal cases. Among 1,902 treated by
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In some of their cases the onset was gradual, in others sudden. In those
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absot'ss, gangrene, ulcers, fistula, foreign bodies,
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tions, the cases of each class were subdivided according as
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influence. In pregnant women, the mortality is higher owing to the fre-
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fluid, and the cornua may contain a purulent fluid. The lining membrane, or
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Occurrence of Pathogenic Bacteria on Healthy Human Beings and
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"Be it therefore resolved, That the members of this Asso-
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mata in that it is usually transmitted by direct contact, has a characteristic
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does not extend to the papillse. In large pustules with degeneration involving
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urine is of considerably less importance than was formerly
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70 per cent, in which the result was given Of the cases in the first half of
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extremity or one side of the trunk may constitute one hemorrhage. In
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and Medical Examiner for the Central Berkshire district
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perfect recoveries, I believe their longevity is up to the
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persistent subacute pericarditis, and in those cases of rheumatic arthritis in
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attention should be given to the dependent parts. After each movement of
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last century. Following many of the extensive epidemics, it has been
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ailment. Some of the expressions used by those surgeons
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brighter and more transparent in reflected light than the colonies of ordinary
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tubules ; we must also examine them minutely to see whether
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drinks, hot water bags and mustard foot baths may start free perspiration.
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we are dealing with a meningitis or not. The diagnosis must generally be
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as to its Qualities and Soundness ; Including Bits and
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