are for the most part existent in the blood before they reach the kidneys.
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probably be the fact that in addition to these commodities the
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upon application to the "Surgeon General, U. S. Army, Washington,
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his efforts that $200,000 was secured for medical teaching in Cleveland,
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The seventh edition of this standard authority presents several addi-
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an address by Richard C. Cabot of Boston, dealing with the
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Schering & Glatz : Exodin, Tonols, Duotonol, Quartonol, Sextonol.
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to ««ch for pn.. I, p^°! • r"* 'T "■* ""'" °' "» '»«P
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The Practical Medicine Series: Series 1912, Volume I. General
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well how injured bone will repair itself, and how it will fill in
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tion «T„l. tend«n.r^Tt^^^JT,^"'rL_^ ««-'«■
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Scudder of Cincinnati. "The Relation of Medical Colleges towards each
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found in the lactose bile tubes in the City Laboratory.
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which is so nearly related to the public health that it may with propriety
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physicians have become therapeutic nihilists is due to the fact that their
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upon the dispensary as a source of medical experience.
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officers were elected : President, E. G. Burton, Lima ; Vice-President,
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Examination of the nervous system: The gait is peculiar,
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oo the sternum, with head turned roand and nose lesUng on flank
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diately be cooled by a method approved by the parties of the first part,
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hospital a knowledge of children and their diseases, a school for
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Ophthalmology, Office of Continuing Education, Downstate
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be present in the majority of cases of dysentery in this country,
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lines. Numerous bonuses to large families and special conces-
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county medical society except by regular transfer after
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between it and the fl^r th!?] J^ ' ' "'^^ " °^" "J"** Pl««d
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jatients receiving guanethidine or similar agents since
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to ease the pain and save the child’s life at all costs,
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The opinion also shows that one accused of violating this
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side. From this time until February 14th, when I saw him
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iodin. Personally his best results have followed the use of arsenic iodid
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cantly lower in patients than in controls (P < 0.05). Total
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dissolved and dilute to4o gallons. Spray the trees aa soon aa the plant
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•™.gement of the fruit bud. J^'^ uST '^«^'':«»<» »»»
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of cases, and because of the comparatively short time that thera-
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act quantitatively alike on man and the lower animals is unsafe. Not
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We have seen that the task of adjusting the practice of public hygi-
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creatinine phosphokinase determinations, is an effective
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atrophy with typical gray or white discoloration of the optic nerve and
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and Uerechie, to try the administration of calcium salts first to dogs, and
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since the beginning of the present year. Already there are evi-
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The American Association for the Study and Prevention
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or its mortality reduced, suffering has been diminished in man
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"well." There were no urinary symptoms of any consequence, save the
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never contributed much to medical literature. Had he done so