gastric juice, in the form of " infinitely minute particles of transparent
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ST. P.^NCRAS, Middlesex— Medical Officer for the Schools at Leavcsden, Herts :
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chiefly Bavarians, under his care, most of them at this time getting on
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were performed with the general aid of those present, and a method
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that women were subscribers to the Infirmary as well as men. Three of
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aged 14, who, up to the end of 1S69, had enjoyed good health, and
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blind, while he suffered from severe pain in the head and from sleepless-
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spected, and prosperous future practitioner. The lecturer next referred
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elevated by pressure; but an arterial pulse was of grave import, as in-
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for baby-farming. In Paris, in 1865, of 4887 children abandoned younger than one
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direct, distant pain referable to the right shoulder, and especially
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baby-farming ; although there is in Scotland far more illegitimacy. Perhaps, then
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tasted the diseased milk. I found that this had a peculiarly disagree-
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renal epithelium which is cast off so plentifully performs the same
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book ; and that I had set to work, as well as I could, to explain its
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which I have dwelt, its really learned members, such as the great Profes-
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is aware that such or such a vegetable belongs to the natural order
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of beds above named, not quite half are furnished by the military ad-
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and Gazette last winter (Feb. 19th, 1S70), in which I recommended a
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