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examination, the small intestine was found slightly dis-

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the more readily do knobbed protuberances appear. Their consistence

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Dr. Dana, it should be read with equal interest in this country. It

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scopic gas bubbles ; patients remark their phenomenal

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the whole volume, and can accord high praise to his

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observed. These facts prove that glandular involve-

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becomes much simplified if we keep in mind that for

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other remedies had failed. Surgery was considered quite an

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while a few led quiet home lives, and followed their profession in

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Notwithstanding his dread of specializing, Mr. Owen

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in advance of the clinic date. It is important that the Bureau know well in advance

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cloudiness on the superior surface visible through the membranes;

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have met on this fubjeft. They are defirous, in the commencement

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chief symptoms, and these are often placed to the account of " nervous

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cysts, and 5 showed papillary growths. Of the latter, 2

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frequently on the patient lying down at night, when constant eructations

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On inspection, a considerable quantity of dark coagulated blood was found effused

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live to finish it, but How says it was completed. The fact remains

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and excreted in the urine so alkaline diuresis may be beneficial

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through the lymphatic, l^ut.jaccp^dj^it3,@rayj^Morris.

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what the law concerning medical men in general has been

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likely to replace that of typhoid fever, in spite of the

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and that in proportion as this evaporation takes place,

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which is erectile tissue, (;oini)ose(l of largo veins ; does

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where the greatest possible accuracy is desired are usually

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The case reported by me was the first case of insanity which has

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are no other vessels than the central artery, saving in one specimen, in

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which was well attended, was held in Queen's College, Cork,

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Mrs. Delano, sister of Mrs. Homan, testified: Was present

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work upon the four Surgeons was so gre.-it that it was deemed

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By using a lens of higher power, one is able to differentiate with

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The method of plating was controlled by a direct observational

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