W. Farr, Dr. Sibson, Dr. Joseph Rogers, Dr. Ransome (Manchester),

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On the fallacy of supposing that School'Kxaminations have a similar

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which (no matter lunt^ the jaundice ultimately depended been first, as

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tion was only like the prick of a pin, and required no after-treatment.

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is, that the uterus rarely contains over a drachm of fluid, and that it

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formerly, when he was first a member of the Committee of Council,

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jS'zo, and ^15. The entrance Examination will commence on October

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Bell said he wanted to have a Committee to report to the Association.

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The unsettled state of Sicily renders Palermo an unfit resort ; and

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/. Dr. M. Duncan gives Clinical Lectures on Diseases of Women.

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ference respecting volunteer aid to wounded soldiers in time of war,

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with two waggon-loads of medical stores, some saddle-horses, and a

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were knee-deep with natural herbage and flowers, or with grain crops

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I am sure that Dr. Bell will agree with me when I say that it is not

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as thej- were issued, and transmit them to the Poor-law Board. He would, at the

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Botany— J. Thornhill, Esq., and W. C. Arnison, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.S.;

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Gentlemen intending to read papers, or be present at the meeting,

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adopt. The [question of medical reform will come up afterwards be-