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The diagnosis rests upon the fact that the signs of syphilis may

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10. Left cerebral cortex, superior and middle frontal ^yri, association area.

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for our hospital patients. He fails to consider diastolic pressure at all.

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attack of pellagra. She had recurrence in 1894 and again in 1895, with

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the repetition of these types for purposes of recognition and practical uses.

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TABLE 3. — Analyses of Twenty-Four Hour Amount of Urine

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mitral murmur ; everything that befalls a patient is a " symptom," and

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The temper is placid and equable in many cases, but in some there

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In seeking a substitute for digitalis it is well to know also that

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by the so-called soda tolerance test of Sellards in nephritis.

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4.7, but conclusions from these two cases are hardly justifiable.

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microscopical examination of the remaining portion revealed evidences

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3. The disease has attacked the white race more than the negroes in