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    enough vinegar or warm water to make it into the form
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    cept by express permission of the Faculte of Paris.
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    paper was published at page of last week s Journal. Dr.
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    ease with which consciousness returns and simplicity
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    tion wards are vermin frco. The place from which the case is removed
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    but the virus of Cattle plague is by far the most certain in
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    which in case of serious disability they are promptly
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    So with respect to the fluids they also suffer very great changes
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    of one atom of mercury and two atoms of chlorine to
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    don t believe that any form of quarantine that could be imposed
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    illustrated by the operation for the removal of the uterine
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    about pulmonary stasis which may or may not develop
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    ulceration fundus small bled on examination mass extending
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    capillaries of the necrosed portions aie impacted with micrococci. Yet the
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    the map and you will see the exact place and will dis
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    the spine. mong the several interesting points about this
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    history. Professor Koenig refused to operate. This was
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    which specialism in turn has done in furthering its progress.
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    posure to the external changes of temperature until the temperature has
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    positions in the womb. The earlier the influence is exerted upon the
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    disease meningitis or hydrocephalus. The cry of colic
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    of the blood without entirely suspending it the effects of
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    this country. Aside from its scientific interest the etiology
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    tions especially of the face eyes roll tongue maybe bitten mouth
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    IN a paper entitled When May Gonorrhoea Patients Marry read before
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    In such cases of incongruity of the retinir there is a very
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    children and require usually a larger quantity of aliment. It has been
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    and tame rabbits and it sometimes causes fatal epidemics among
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    taking zofran while pregnant birth defects
    dressings seems to be of two kinds exercised in the one case
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    the locality it may easily be conceived how great must be the
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    and is not concerned to show itself interested in a matter so
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    ing special interest for the readers of the Medical
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    The uterus should be in or near its normal position
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    the stafif operating room etc. a full account of its
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    Patton John Hampton mc univ Alabama cb Pickens Ariton.
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    ncasures which if judiciously employed will not do harm. This
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