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    method that deserved to be used more. The stretching

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    the dose might influence for better or for worse the


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    tion until the termination of the disease possibly suggest

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    Attending Surgeon Wesley Hospital and Alexian Brothers Hospital

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    excitability of the center is increased because of better oxygen supply

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    is the main point the irrigation does not stop here.



    diseases incident to childhood. The Introduction will I

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    treating pulmonary consumption will ever be devised

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    The pupil was contracted and irregular in outline and the

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    the Presbyterian Hospital on March from whom it was

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    to it we send you forth attesting to your competency

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    minent as approaching the healthy standard births to

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    oppression usually ceases in a remarkable manner while the cough


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    poration at or below imtil reduced to a proper consistence.

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    limbs is much worse. At Nabulus the great cause of the continuance

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    partial thyroidectomy but relapsed after a visit to the

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    sensibility at other times this is exaggerated particularly in


    potion. The antidotes againft love were generally agnus caftus which has the

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    papular and vesicular petechial bullous and gangrenous forms have been

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    In six months his sj mptoms being worse and the bleeding more

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    vi. those in which the fever recur every twenty four


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    it might be a factor in the well being of the individ

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    rest ot this secdon. however cannot be i cgardcd as salisfactoi W

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    hernia closely resembles pneumothorax in its physical signs

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    be lost sight of. It would seem therefore that the chief advantage

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    submissions should include a brief summary and a brief one

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