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    of the th inst. Mr. William Tagert the contemporary
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    the symptoms following acute illness and exposure to
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    fever the latter disease having a tendency to pass into the in
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    all severe cases. Gingival hemorrhages from swollen gums occur
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    Peptic ulceration and gastrointestinal bleeding sometimes severe have been
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    and precious discovery a revelation outside the ken of a
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    qlone diminishes the intensity of the disease but is not
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    gland several of the most approved English periodical
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    head was slightly retracted and he could not move it. The
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    such that the two coast lines running respectively a north
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    anneared in the two cases that succumbed probably be
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    propagated the very evils it was intended to correct is
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    may be due to one of the following circumstances The cause
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    lated in the part. In both cases therefore veritable local
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    was for thirty years the superintendent of the State
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    imj gt roving erce tibly now her ap etite has improved somewhat day
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    far as I know except in one instance. I am still of opmion
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    manifestation of inherited disease. There has been great hesitation
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    full hard and hurried pulse sudden starting from sleep with a cry and
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    which attributes the general symptoms in a greater or less Hoirr m th
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    fewer deaths from variola which take place in Berlin as com
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    title of Spinal Irritation arises from the irregular con
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    making a free incision into the floor of the bladder.
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    eiue though aiore directly subserving the great inter j
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    altogether homologous. This point is made clear in the text.
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    obtained of the amount of the charge. For example suppose
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    bowels rash over the body like measles appearing and
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    the other hand the care of the skin deserves especial attention. It
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    the abdomen. His countenance was pale and anxious with
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    ostitis but the unilateral aspect troubled me. Prognosis bad.
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    and fifty seven times as many between sixty and seventy
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    treatment of the Chinese on the Rand. Of this offer the
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    bacilli exhibit foci of tuberculosis in the tracheo
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    all vermin in the houses. As dogs and cattle are also
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    theaters concerned which meant that permission must be granted by the
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    question he was only acquainted with the pharmaceutical bear
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