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    the ovaries may become markedly infiltrated with secondary growth and

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    period are frequently fibrinous or cartilaginous in their structure and a deposit

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    it to be handled with greater ease so that their bony

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    fering from this disease at the same time. He saw one case

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    in the thirty one cases investigated in twenty seven

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    should not be forgotten thai there maybe pain accom

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    fifty. His remains lie in St. Mary s churchyard Coles

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    er with the cervix uteri shall be in its normal location

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    the following autumn. It is proposed to hold it in Oc

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    the pneumonia records he said there were at least four or

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    referred had thus become a favourite haunt tuitil the

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    skill of a consultant must have a special value put

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    retiring President the Council of Management and the other officers

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    against the velum. As most of these conditions are abolished in glosso

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    animal highly immunized and the milk shows the presence of con

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    these are merely earlier cases of the same morbid condition

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    as to the position of the landmarks. Dr. loritz had

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    the peculiar smell which announces the existence of grease almost over

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    paroxysms which occur in the daytime and not with those occurring during

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    and to a certain extent follows the incidence of acute nephritis

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    possible to do an iridectomy. As the pupil was well

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    when the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system

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    Inspection shows an apex beat displaced to the left and

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    There is an unmistakable sense of mental distress or

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    lesion. The bronchial tubes presented a considerable proliferation of

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    published by Dr. Watson in the Medical Gazette for

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    reached recently viz. that the function of the thymus was to supply

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    ceive to be necessary for the restoration of his patient.

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    handling on the operating table. It is common in trench warfare be

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    Rev. William Rutter Dawes known for his observations on

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    Berre communicated an elaborate treatise lt gt n the treatment of

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    the two days work I sent to Dr. McWeeney for microscopic

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    plegic epilepsy may be confined to the fingers or thumb. Afhetoid move

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    Many inaccuracies in the earlier results obtained by this method were

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    vertebrae. The state of affairs was different from that

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    July.. I put another quantity of the fame pafte much lefs than Pajirm

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    with that of the bladder but it is situated somewhat

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    but later only slowly so that it still remains excessive even after an

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    vaccine bottle containing c.c. of autoclaved saline solution

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    be increased one panelist judged it should be decreased and

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    frontal sinus contained a vascular and oedematous lining with infective microbes

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    in any pathological disturbance of respiration whether the

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    first place are subdue the inflammation and to relieve the pain. For

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