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    Leprosy is a chronic disease caused by the bacillus Lepra and

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    etc. should lead to efficiency. All cases of sudden or violent

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    hint towards an effective treatment must be welcome.

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    are BUpposed to add greatly to the therapeutic value but

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    before that august medical body the Royal College of

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    lated on the base of the brain. There are many objections to

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    dye is excreted in vital staining. As already stated in my previous

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    thrown upon the chest and the shoulders are pushed forward

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    of the individual. This is so equally true of all the

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    The Royal Mews. Bypermlssion of the Marquis of Aylesbury Master

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    mucus tough or glairy to impede and interrupt respiration we have

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    calling the attention of the profession to the great frequency of the

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    on account of the unfavorable conditions for al orption an eruption of

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    above the site of uterine rupture and in the post partum

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    their sphere of usefulness particularly when there is a sup

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    in by Prat which involves the resection of the zygo

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    altogether but as many of these were of a similar nature

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    Such is Muller s testimony concerning the circulation in the

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    examinations in a number of neuropathological conditions

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    cases retention or incontinence of urine associated with constipation and

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    A New Method for Determining the Relative Stability of a Sewage

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    common on the cutaneous distribution of the ophthalmic division of the

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    assured them that in this as in all cases of duty resolutely

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    Langer C. Ueber Form und Massverhaltniss des menschlichen Korper

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    phenomenon of physics. It must be the result of the

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    end of which a narrow and deeply grooved director is

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    bility to Latter. While a street car was running be

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    and has succeeded on innumerable occasions just as the

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