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    sore. Salivation and purgation are not to be resorted

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    door classes of civilized countries and that are espe

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    others of a like tenor in the report indicates that a more

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    fourth week after delivery. There was no trace of injury nor

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    and that the prevention of exudation therefore is not the end to which

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    sixties of the nineteenth century. Things have mended

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    other burst of five ventricular beats occurs toward

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    the student was taught that this canal had a parabolic

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    fever the Fluid Extract of Oelseminum given in five drop doses two or

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    respect to its volume solidity and force large or small hard or

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    some a fact by a gratuitous hypothesis which will not bear a

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    hysterical amblyopia with an application of a gold coin to the eyes.

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    only that improved. That in progressive myopia in young

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    If these cases were properly treated it was only rarely that

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    science for the preservation of the health of animals and

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    Actinomyces like granules are commonly found in the crypts

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    one great reason that no more has been accomplished is found

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    that baffle staid science in its adherence to physical

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    which he was successfully operated. The author also describes a case with

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    the blood vessels. The bacilli were larger than typhoid

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    causes of dilatation in a heart which has a feeble re

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    sanity and it was asserted that I made no explanation at all.

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    readily worked upon in this way relaxing it and drawing it toward you

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    extensive retraction of muscles following amputation.

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    information but must be made with reference to the quality

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    in six or eight hours if there was not a marked im

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    They have been obtained during a cold wet summer and

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    our readers greater justice than by letting the former speak

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    systole of the heart and propagated along the course of the aorta most

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    of such contraction is still disputed. The most probable

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    The basis on which Dr. Rejniolds then stands forth before

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    Tracheoscopy alone makes the diagnosis certain unless when the seat of the

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    skillful rider. He does not need to use spectacles. He

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    of Ughting up an acute attack. Under all conditions one

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    blue and shaking out the indigo blue with chloroform. The depth of

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    by means of a roll or padded surcingle encircling the body

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    wine or with India rubber and sulphuric ether. When the horse is not

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