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    femur from a nearly normal acetabulum. The usual his

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    cro mis close to the perforation. The other end of the

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    The medical profession like all tlie other ju ofes

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    away to see a child seven years of age who had been for

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    one atomic weight. Chlorine is a greenish yellow gas

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    to be of value in recorded cases are rest recumbency

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    that a powerful emotion has been found to produce a similar effect

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    ters of an hour it was redipped in the warm decoction

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    was more inclined to look upon it as a toxic affection of the

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    that second phalanges touch those of opposite hand

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    that the ability of such bacteria to infect was lessened

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    renal pelvis by ureteral catheter. Amount of urine

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    them improve almost daily. By weeks the improvement

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    pumps the blood into and distends the arteries. It has been

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    mucoid and in no case could any malignant cells be demonstrated

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    the subject has not been treated exhaustively. I shall sum up

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    mittee this group of physicians evaluates the merits

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    and cure them as they occur there being no time to run

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    the maximum and minimum heights of all the pupils in a particular

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    quently needed I will describe the operation for recent incomplete

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    a small quantity of fluid. The pericardium by means of its

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    vascular changes as yet but slight in degree we are very

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    literature and the lay press. The isolation of CyA marks

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    Address correspondence relating to editorial material

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    than a slight accident to the peripheral muscles. I think we may

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    patient swallow it. Four half teaspoonful doses at two

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    than once. On his recovery his gratitude to the Doctor

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    was that students from Oxford or hour all are equally required to have

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    statements made by the patient in regard to her convul

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    one half of these deaths were suicidal. This only represents the fatal

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    secretary of the meeting shall be annexed to the petition.

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    other senses an impression placed before him by the hypnotiser

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    precious metal may travel many miles ere he arrives at its original

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