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    22 Sep 2016 Trent Taylor 0

    Mr. R. Long asked the President of the Poor law Board

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    disease problem was more acute than these statistics indicate. For as already

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    of the subject than answering the question you have put.

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    although from the tilting of the pelvis it seems greater.

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    sufficient to bring in that morbid condition of the blood which

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    one over thirty. The cases were of a mild character. Calomel

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    quires to be refuted because it proceeds from an erroneous idea of what

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    lips conjunctiva and vagina. On the lips the discoloration takes the

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    gayo. The diagnoxis of cnrcinoma of the stomach. I

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    over the piazza rail heaving as though he was trying to

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    cruris decisive of the rival merits of the two methods of treatment. The

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    wards from about Christmas. On admission the patient gave a

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    reviews a number of cases reported in recent years and shows conclusively

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    cant s fitness to practice. These examinations include

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