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    The patient was a child j years old who presented over
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    then practise only under the direction of a physician
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    throughout the entire course of the disease. It more commonly acoom
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    Tenotomy for heterophoria does not cure the cause of the
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    its administration in diseases of nutrition is an indication not only
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    ideals. But this has brought us face to face with a problem that
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    May I suggest that it would not be inappropriate if you at this
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    cemia we find that the disease is as a rule ushered in
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    read. It was also stated that of the applicants ex
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    in only an isolated case here and there but was of comparatively frequent
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    The Auditors Drs. Dickson and Marois then reported on the
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    larynx later clonic. At the end of one attack implored that something should
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    of albumose especially somatose are capable of produ
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    was handled in a most satisfactory manner. The paper was
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    cases when the abscess is deeply seated and small and sometimes even when
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    history. She was well advanced in pregnancy and gave
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    of a body and its bulk. Specific gravities of different
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    the presentation Dr. McClelland said among other things
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    ypeculation. The first step toward gaining actual knowl
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    isted before so as to determine the exact action of
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    is remarkably small miserable frequently intermittent ami
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    following To place upon this section supra the construction con
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    One may obtain j ractically all the facts essential to a tentative
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    perature was biusJigbtly elevated and appetite was modified
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    if not sufficient space on the Hne for that purpose
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    affection which may be successfully treated and further trouble aborted
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    withstanding the concurrence of signs each one of which
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    brain one following the other at short intervals. The
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    a flat expansion on the sensory root of the trigeminal
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    with exudate they have a homogeneous reddish gray or yel
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    the immediate control of the Grovernment the convicts are kept
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    eyelids copious tears sore throat tucked up flanks compressed tail
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    and take again at definite respiratory intervals. One
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    Tlie functional alterations produced by anaphylaxis in guinea pigs
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    instrumentality of the digestive organs by the restoration
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    Fig.. xe Labrum epiphaiynx mn mandibles hp hypopharynx sal
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