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    22 Sep 2016 Trent Taylor 0

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    cussing only with a light stroke. When the affected tis

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    the author never failed to resuscitate electrocuted dogs

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    The State of Iowa now has the question of establishing such a

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    This nerve has three functions motor common sensibility and special

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    Nitro Nuriatic Acid. This acid when properly diluted has a tonic

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    dealing with the few for curative purposes to dealing

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    among our army men and in the navy also. I hope this

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    will tend to discourage men who look upon the practice of medicine

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    reclaiming the possession of the said books and book case at

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    referred to a young woman in whom very grave symptoms of mer

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    Ringer s solution the accelerans fibers retain their ir

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    of papers remain over referred to the committee on publi

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    demiological map prepared by the War Department of Bavaria

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    however robuft and healthful may be expofed to great danger and inconvenience

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    gastric juice of epileptics may contain toxic substances. Augustini

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    Adolescents reported to child protective services often

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    eleven patients resulted in a satisfactory or greater

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    Loehlein reported a case of multiple brain abscesses with exudate in the

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    hoarse voice after section of the origins of the spinal on one

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    per cent. tuberculous and suspicious. Of the suspicious

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    maelea may occur afler diphtheria in connection with bulbar paralysis and

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    lished in leading medical and surgical journals hence

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    upon a bent gas pipe frame so constructed that the body is firmly

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    read before the Congress was on the recent mortality stat

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    Psoriasis is a disease of the skin which presents many features of

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    and in other countries Cohnheim Heubner have given the following

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    usual attempt is to appear as unreasonable as possible

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    patient is subjected to unusual nervous or physical strain.

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    occurrences to be met with in practice unless indeed there has been

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    Epiglottis ep e glot tis. Epiglottic cartilage oval

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    Usually after twenty four hours the child may be nursed but for not

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    ally encountered in alcoholic paretic hysterical epi

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    proper conditions it may travel long distances upon air currents provided

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    perfected Haversian canal however is always complete and is often

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    sory or the hypoglossal nerve may be used. Though the normal conditions

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    in six or eight hours if there was not a marked im

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