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    double bend above the lop of the container brings the outer end of

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    he is required whether three months or three years you

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    tunately rare. Roger found it to occur fifteen times

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    long time after operation. At least four years should

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    ginal tissues from the cervix and to the ligation of the

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    but the profession and many of the clergy were greatly

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    There are naturally idiosyncracies with regard to sleep but I have

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    Treatment. The painful points should be touched with the galvano

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    quantity of tuberculin in the course of a day. Again the conditions

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    examinations of patients who where affected with this peculiar

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    cases but this was unjust to some and not time enough

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    taken up the work with that earnestness which characterizes all

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    cular coat. These medicines likewise act as excellent tonics. I

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    till the st day after exposure to the diseased horse. The

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    culosis. About the same time William Budd arrived at a similar

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    Journal office by the fifteenth of the month preceding

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    children John who became a physician Harriet married

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    Air Service behind the front. This correspondence which ultimately reached

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    in the lateral thyrohyoid ligaments aud finding its

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    loss of tone of the myocardium then the heart dilates there is

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    diminishing but the pulsating tumor in the abdomen is still more

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    Babies Hospital for their kind assistance in collecting stools.

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    second part of this work observing here that opium and other

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    especially when in partu is not always sufficiently

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    growing in the deep tropical woods of Brazil with partly

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    slight contractions previously lelt had disappeared or nearly so

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    and apparatus which have come into general use during

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    the left leg. During the five days the patient was under observation

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    in dysenteric stools tneir multiplication being favoured by the inflamed con

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    been injected into animals without bad results. And

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    particular rule to govern his appointments excejtt pre

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    Worcester W. I. Regeneration of nerve tissue in the central

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    not been in the hospital twenty four hours the coroner s

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    to homogeneous liquid cultures causes clumping of the tubercle bacilli and their

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    LEONARD JEROME ABRAMOVITZ CUnical Instructor in Anesthesiology.

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    to restore the loss of the fluid constituents of the

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    century ago with the late Dr Pagan of Edinburgh a great part of

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