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    speaking of the urine and the changes produced in it

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    multiple ulcers and most notably in the relative frequency of the

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    no physician to day in any medico legal case goes by

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    nourishment. Adipose or fat tissue is merely connective tissue

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    and neurasthenia chronic endometritis dysmenorrhea amenor

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    to be drawn therefrom are universal in their appli

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    abscesses occurring in the right iliac fossa. Even in the

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    cease to be directed to the subject of quackery before some

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    excitement or struggling in the course of three or four

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    have been added. The work may be cordially recommended to

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    meninges and bronchial nodes. Bovine type in mesenteric nodes.

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    tect himself from infection. All these and many other

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    maintained in the sanitary abattoirs for bacteriological meat in

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    mended is just as irrational as it is ineflicacious and Henoch is right

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    of their growth and power of producing toxic substances.

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    Lectures on Abdominal Surgery at the Chicago Polyclinic.

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    a second shot and fell. As he again arose a third shot

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    was not exposed showed growth in all broths. Results with B. diphtheriae were

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    the side of it opposite to that from which the wind gene

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    wide as a noble specimen of those self sacrificing men who pass

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    but a diligent search should be made for small hemorrhages.

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    lect that we only caution you against its abuse the deplorable

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    slightest movement causes acute suffering. In the morning

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    were too obvious. A substitute for the old nitro hydrochloric

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    in the stomach and intestines partly an extension from the peri

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    have been resisted if the vital power had not been suspended. However

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    membranes especially the gastro intestinal although no part of the

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    and upon the earnest recommendation of Dr. Nichols

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    BRADFORD Yorkshire INFIRMARY and DISPENSARY Physician.

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