with a steel blade — in the whole, measuring two inches and five eighths
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ID all regular-bred physicians, with a strange prejudice against some of
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nearly 60 per cent of all cases of iritis are due to this cause. It may
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act in the manner above described cannot effect any great certainty of
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tooth. Pulp irritation may be, in certain cases, a resultant of pulp
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resistant to the attacks of tubercle bacilli, and only when this resistance
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on • careful ezamioaCion being made, the point of hemorrhage was
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be curved sidewards, the body being kept in the same plane as while standing ;
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ness and sometimes a plirenzied dehrium. Such a state, however, is
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tabes may be diagnosed ; and even with only primary optic atrophy, and
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Ejpistaxis occurs in about half the cases, once or repeatedly, slight or
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formed by each hand may overlap on the middle line.
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Fig. 6. — Stretch leg-forward-lying side-flexion.