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phenomena of the disease and those of myasthenia gravis. In some cases

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may contribute toward the interference with the nutrition of the myocardium;

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relatively too long, and its head is so large that supination is limited. The

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became more marked, and the hidebound condition was universal. The

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vessels the caliber is gradually narrowed until it is quite obliterated. Dick-

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"Colds," sore throat, tonsillitis, or other acute infections often precede

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Etiology. — The etiology of endemic cretinism is as obscure as that of

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patient for months upon an exclusively milk diet. If we do, we find that the

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condition. The great importance of instituting treatment early, before the

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in iniliij two ;l^|ll'l■t^ nl' llii' |)lii|ilriii ; il) tin' fiillsi' I'or tin litiniliiM'-

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lias almost eutirely disH|>pe:ire<i. This decliin' in the i)rcssuie pulse can

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The clinical course of renal tuberculosis may be divided into four stages:

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gated. Commonly used terms, such as "decline," "chill and fever,"

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» Mitth. a. d, Gremgeb.y 1905, Band xiv, p. 330; ibid., 1907, x\ni, 655.

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had normal thyroid structure. The metastases do not always resemble

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when the vasomotor disturbances are extreme and when the local asphyxia

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tively is poor in caloric value. Relief of gastro-intestinal disturbances also

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work of nerve cells and coniicctiii"; nerve fillers can readily he denion

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alous cases in which only two or three glands exist; but in many of these

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ascribes the hemorrhages, whether old or recent, single or recurring, to rup-

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rliascs ill tl «>\ (It "llicli tlic \MI\c still Ir.l >■ il. «ll('ll lIlP >MIV(' li

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unless rest is secured. If rest alone does not quickly reduce the pulse rate,

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The gastric and intestinal crises require prompt treatment — a hypodermic

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years cases of appendicitis in which the appendix has not been removed.

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oil, are inellicient in i)romotiri!,' -rowth. That all oils or fats do Unt

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iuL' till iitral end of an iinciii vaiiils nerve in the neck in shock, the

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IS most commonly described as that of a dull, aching character, located in

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compared with various forms of goitre, but if the process is focal it may be

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mately duplicate the conditions that seem operative in the production of

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days more, rice, bread, or light flour puddings was

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3. Changes in the capside of the joint and surrounding tissue.

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