Yet there has never been any confusion with regard to H.

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association with atrophy of the thyroid and myxoedema. An interesting

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supports have been assiduously resorted to, but, ingenious as many of

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that in some chronic cases a symptom may persist, as it were by habit,

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in the symptoms of all three, especially in those of puerperal insanity ; they

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are now inclined to restrict the name " Sclerema neonatorum " — the skin

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earliest infancy known what it is. to occupy a bedroom except in common

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Definition. — A congenital, developmental disease or malformation of

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indicate what Hebra afterwards described as prurigo. L. syphiliticus, the

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diameter of an ordinary leucocyte, but not, like giant cells, containing

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and when fibrillary twitchings existed before excitation they became less

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relation to some pre-existing disease in either the central or peripheral

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persevered for a time are finally lulled into a feeling of false security,

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dipsomania (vol. ii. p. 859, vol. viii. p. 421), and other details of treatment,

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is a sketch of the method : — In the first place, the diagnosis of sarcoma

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statement has been made upon eminent authority, (b) Gustatory is next in

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partially explain it. We now fully recognise that cases of general ex-

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tax, used to frighten him by day and appear in his dreams by night.

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nations are frequent ; in my experience the patients frequently become

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" chrysarobin crisis." If after three such " crises " a very marked im-

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on the skin, which in a short time become gangrenous, and give rise to

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I would add that in hysteria to make persistent efforts to fight against

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if an unfortunate descended into a pit and was suffocated

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use of the eyes. This pain is of a dull, aching character felt at (that is,

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that which we specially note is the condition common in young men and

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tion is diminished, as shown in the sighing of grief ; secretion may be

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Chimes," or even "No Thoroughfare," the physician often

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of this physician was connected with an attempt made to

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Though vesicular formation is usually present, the tubercles are some-

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Oi MOOMH«l?lWW(»W«i»M01CSSiONNClCQS2£:»3JHa^eOrH^]

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pleasure to her ; to live is no longer in itself an enjoyment. With these

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degenerated, is more easily fatigued than a muscle with normal nerve-

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All the brain tissues suffer, and markedly the brain-cells. The effect of

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article ; but it must be borne in mind that, by poulticing or other

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officer of the unit, based upon stock levels as established by the

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of arsenic keratosis, salicylic acid (in plaister or collodion preparation),