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trous complications and sequelae. The ice-cap may be combined with
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diminution, two of the latter being chlorotic girls. Thus was demon-
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eight cures and seven markedly improved, and only one failure.
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temperature of the Croton water varies from 45° in December to 75°
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those which require the use of abundant quantities of cold water.
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extensive observation and careful inquiry among practitioners in Ger-
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89.9, protein, .9 ; fat, 2.1; carbohydrates, 7.5; ash, .6. Fuel
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at the accompanying temperature-chart {inde Fig. 9).
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— Changed Food Supply — Canning, etc. — Poisonous Gases in the Sys-
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generation of the hepatic tissue is common, though in places it may be
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stores, the bunches weighing pounds, and selling for fabulous
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tive stomatitis, but rarely, if ever, gangrene of the mouth.
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to antisepsis and asepsis in obstetrics, they are of great im-
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This shows the importance of the industry. There is a cow
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Kinyoun, Lundmann, and Bdclere have used the serum from vacci-
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less waste products, which require much oxygen to eliminate
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toxic; they enter the blood and act at once. If infectious,
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bore, and produces the well-known remedy, formerly used
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demand chipped ice by the mouth or small doses of cocain, and a mus-
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third full. The patient being placed in it, the attendant bathes the
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from slow poisonings of different kinds, especially the min-
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and the physician too little.'' That such pessimism exists is
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graphic differences of intensity. The latter method is especially
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Simple vesical catarrh is a rare complication, except as the result of
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the body temperature depends upon the maintenance of an equilibrium
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encephalitis are already noticeable. On the other hand, the cases in
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Tonics and alcoholic stimulants are sometimes required to assist the appe-
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The blood shows few important alterations. The red blood-corpuscles
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minutes. The quieting and slowing effect of such a procedure on the
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which this phenomenon might readily be studied, with the parts in
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a lack of moisture, will not live, or at least will not thrive, at
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This description has been somewhat minute, because experience
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moval of peripheral irritations probably explain these effects; the