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of four months, the new nerve-substance originating by a

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we encounter every day in riding in a buggy or on a railroad train.

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buccal secretions. The instance in which the demonstration was made related

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moir to the Academie de Medecine dealinor with the infant mor-

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hospital satisfied the community benefit standard by demonstrating

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deformation of the bowels, the effect of which is to impair assimilation

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testinal end. These changes in the caeca are not, however,

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volume. There is also an atlas and epitome of general pathology in prep-

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13. MiCKLE. "General Paralysis," and " Critical Digest on General Paralysis," Brain,

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hypertrophy or otherwise, or whether it has passed on to

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tient's food and general hygiene should also be attended to. The

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(1906 a) . — Sind die ]Massnahmen des Fleischbeschaugesetzes zur Vernichtung der

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after having passed an acute illness, which the patient thinks must

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In order to determine how many normal persons and those con-

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tality has progressively fallen and is now about 10 per cent. Before this

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slight irregularities in menstruation began. With each

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performed operation was indicated in the cases of per-

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and rapid rhythmical jerl^ngs of the muscles of the shoulder, neck,

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■rown-Sequard, in September 1851, saw two sheep that had been over-

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485; 498. — JHleiirijeau (F,i Contnbatiou a I'etude ile